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Is loaning Good or Bad?
I'm already aware of small time loaning, I've gained my mini grocery store from it, and my mini Grocery store is still somewhat a hit here in my place, but i still want to hear the suggestions of others  Smile
The idea for loans never changed. When a loan is used to buy liabilities then it is not a good loan. But when it is used to invest in cash-flowing assets then that is considered a good loan. The term for that is OPM: other people's money. If you can borrow money to be used to a small investment like the one you mention, a grocery store in your are, that will produce your monthly payment including the loan interest and will let you gain more on the side, then why not loan? But if you're going to loan just to buy a new car that you don't really need, then that's not a good way to use a loan. A loan is bad or good depending on your usage of it. In my opinion.
Someone we cannot avoid to be in a bad situation. So getting loan is like part of many peoples life.Sometimes even though you don't really want to borrow money you have no other options. Some people wants to start a new business so they turn to companies who assist entrepreneurs to start their own business thru loans. So I see that loan can be a good and bad things at the same time. You just have to be responsible for you actions.
They are very useful for a lot of things, especially large purchases like your car or house, but they are also essentially a rip off. You're paying to borrow money from someone else and pay it back slowly. If you can buy something upfront that is always the better route, but obviously that isn't always possible. I wish it was!
It depends. When the money you loaned is used for something that is really needed, then it is good. Examples are using it as a capital, medical emergencies, daily necessities, and student's expenses. But when you used the money just to buy unnecessary luxuries such as very expensive jewelry or gadgets which are not really needed, then the loan becomes a bad one. So I think before availing one, you should think very well because remember, it has an interest in it.
It depends on how you use it, you should spend it more wisely. You should use it in gaining capital or use it to gain more money.
Loan only if you really need the money, and are sure that you'll be able to pay back in a short amount of time. Otherwise, chances are that you're just going to get dragged deeper and deeper into debt. Remember, lenders are not charity organizations and they won't care much if you suddenly lose your job or are otherwise unable to pay back.
A loan is a bad and a good thing. It will be count being a good loan if you will use is on business purposes or some investment with good ROI. If you loan and use it to have a grocery, then it is a very good thing for you! You can pay your monthly debt and at the same time you can also save money for yourself or for your family. The loan will be a thing if you will use to it to fullfill your vices and buy luxurious things that is not neccessary. You will just waste your money and you can't pay your debt buy just buying uncessary things. Also consider your source of income, if you have a business or you are a multi-millionaire man, then go for a loan.
Having a business with the use of others money is very business minded. I think you can make your grocery bigger and make it to a multi-million business someday. Good luck! ?
I think a loan is neither good nor bad but it depends on what you use it for. Sometimes they are necessary if you are getting a start in business for instance. The problem is if you run into a situation where you can't pay the loan back then that is a real difficulty.
A loan is good when you use it for a good purpose. Like what you've mentioned you used it for your grocery so it means in your business. A loan is very important for businesses because you have the chance to use the money and rotate it to gain profit. It can also be good to use for emergencies like my parents do, they take loans to provide for tuition fees. It really has a good purpose just be wise on how to use it so in the end, you won't regret anything.

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