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Are credit card reward points worth it?
(01-24-2018, 07:56 AM)gamingadict Wrote: If you do not pay off your card in full each month, the rewards are not worth having a credit card. So you must pay your debt first before you earn a reward and to be worth it, but i guarantee to you that is worth it to have a reward point in credit card because in this process you can have a febbie items or money.

Yeah, at list you have points by paying your debts, and you can convert it into etc.

Ear points by using credit cards its kinda cool.
(01-24-2018, 07:34 PM)kwaikin25 Wrote: Credit card rewards point. it seems a good benefit but if you notice, you need to spend volume of amount of money to accumulate rewards point. Its not worth it especially when your not often in spending in a particular store. Most of the time you never use your accumulative earned points and get expired. Now a days, the trending rewards point that everyone is offering is what we call ''Cashback''. This type of reward's program is good and beneficial for consumer wherein they can literally get cashback or money back every time they made a purchase. A very powerful tool to attract shoppers to shop.

Yeah there are some areas are good but there are some areas also that bad for you as you've said you need to spend a lot of money to redeem your points.

Its kinda cool to have points and redeem some etc.
Sure it was. It's like having a bonus while doing your usual shopping and spending.
And the best part of it is reward points is good as cash also.
You can only earn the points once you've paid your debt and you can only earn enough points if use your card often and spend so much money using it. But if you are a credit card regular user then those reward points are totally bonus.
I think, it's great to have a credit card because you can earn reward points which you can use. The only thing is that, everytime you use your credit card, you have to pay within the cycle time so won't incur interest. That means that the reward points you get is worth it. Though it requires a lot of spending before you can earn enough points but it's worth it if it does not cause you trouble in paying.
It is very worth it. You can claim a specific reward using points you earned. By the way reward points number are based on how you use your credit card. The more you use credit card, The more reward point you can get.
Well, it's always a good thing to have something in return for doing something that you have been doing for your daily life is it not? It's like getting reward for taking a bath. Hahaha. For large consumers, they can maximize those points. I even know someone who earns free trips, free gadgets because he uses his card a lot for his business.
It is worthy when you are able to pay for your monthly due. Rewards will be credited to you if you pay regularly on time your credit balance. It will be worthy in the long run because you are being benefited by the credit card and by paying on time you will have your reward.
Credit card rewards are one way that credit card companies entice people to sign up to use their credit cards. There are some great rewards offered, free trips, discounts on purchases and cash back. It is important to realize that credit card companies are in the business of making money and not in the business to help the customer. They do not offer the rewards and plan on losing money on them. Many people think of credit cards as being all bad, but they can be a useful tool if managed properly.
Somehow these reward things are very tricky. The way it advertise to us is so very wonderful and wallet friendly but I advise to all that always look for its disadvantages or always look if the promo fits to you. If the promo are fits in your daily habits or lifestyle. For example you buy something you don't need actually and you want to just have reward points. That scenario make you the worst human living here in this world Smile

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