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Are credit card reward points worth it?
Yes its very woth it because it can use to hsve discount fee or transaction fee to be free and no balance to be charge so its very useful to every one
Yes, I think so. You are essentially getting something for nothing so why wouldn't it be worth it? I mean you probably don't want to make extra purchases just to get points but it is a good thing to have available.
(01-24-2018, 07:56 AM)gamingadict Wrote: If you do not pay off your card in full each month, the rewards are not worth having a credit card. So you must pay your debt first before you earn a reward and to be worth it, but i guarantee to you that is worth it to have a reward point in credit card because in this process you can have a febbie items or money.

I didn't encounter not paying my bills. Can you elaborate more about this stuff? What do you mean not worth it if I don't pay at the end of the month.
Yes indeed it is worth it. Why not appreciate and maximize things in bonus. You do your usual spending and earn points in return. Don't think that you should spend more to earn points, just use your credit card for things you needed, use it wisely. If you have cash you still can use your card for points and freebies if it is available for the time, then pay it immediately with your cash, just be sure or as much as possible, avoid shopping with interest included. You can save your points for future use or spend it in things you want to buy for your current points.
In Philippines there are some banks offering this.

Redeem gift certificates with your credit card points. Take time to see the world. Redeem travel vouchers and airline miles with your credit card points. Push your credit card points to your BDO Rewards Card or request for Annual Membership Fee waiver.
(01-24-2018, 07:34 PM)kwaikin25 Wrote: Credit card rewards point. it seems a good benefit but if you notice, you need to spend volume of amount of money to accumulate rewards point. Its not worth it especially when your not often in spending in a particular store. Most of the time you never use your accumulative earned points and get expired. Now a days, the trending rewards point that everyone is offering is what we call ''Cashback''. This type of reward's program is good and beneficial for consumer wherein they can literally get cashback or money back every time they made a purchase. A very powerful tool to attract shoppers to shop.
Do reward points get expired?. I didn't encounter that one. And I literally don't have any clues when my points will get expired. Because when I check my reward points I am already choosing any available rewards that will benefit my family and most of it are by converting my points into foods.
Rewards using credit card points the latest gadgets, flyer miles, dining and shopping deals, to even waived fees, you can get the most out of your points with Security Bank credit card rewards. Redeem your points and choose from a wide variety of products, services and exclusive deals.

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