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Are you interested to buy valuable things in a pawn shop?
I like to check in the pawn shop in town about once a month. I’m always looking for musical instruments and I actually got my tenor saxophone and two of my guitars from pawn shops. Instruments don’t generally show up often, but it’s usually a pretty good deal when you do come across them.
i don't have experience yet like buying valuable things being pawned. Yes, there are lot of valuable things being pawned wherein shops sell things in a cheaper rate. They offered stuffs like gadgets and jewelry's, i have seen some gadgets being pawned and they loosed the quality already and I'm not sure if it still working and it will last, some are many scratches and damages. Maybe for the jewelry, you can see the real value of this things like gold. Yes, the price is not too cheap and for sure you have a guarantee on buying it since its gold. Gold value appraise from time to time. I would prefer on buying this gold unlike buying gadgets.

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