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What are the most common pawned items?
I've seen all sorts in a pawn shop! From iphones, smart Tv's, laptops,desktops, microwaves. A pawn shop has anything that has any value or that can be sold. I've seen shockingly art in a pawnshop. This is the best place to buy cheap things especially electronics. Many people don't like buying things from a pawn shop because they say that the things have bad karma, because the people who have their things pawned are desperate and they don't want to take advantage of that.
I should check out a pawn shop soetime and see what they have to offer. It makes me curious as to what might be there. I need a laptop maybe I will look there for the heck of it and see what is there.
For me it's jewelries and gadgets yeah there's a lot of people pawn there gadgets and jewelries at any cost if they had an emergency, if a person so desperate they will pawn there gadgets or jewelries at low price so that they will go to the pawnshops etc.
Since we heard the word "Pawn'' the very first thing comes up in our mind is jewelry. Way back then, pawnshops offered this to the market particularly jewelry, along the way so many shops offers gadgets or any assets to be pawn. Therefore, the most common pawned items is jewelry since this was the first to offer.

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