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Paymaya vs Gcash
(02-03-2018, 02:16 AM)gamingadict Wrote: Gcash is also useful but i think it only useful only in the Phillipines because many people use it like smart padala to send money in far away but i think its only allowed in the Philippines is their anyone know globe telecom in your country?

Yes, Gcash is only available in the Philippines and owned by Globe Telecom. While Paymaya is operated by Smart Telecom. I think Gcash is more popular now than Paymaya because Gcash has no transfer fee and lowest withdrawal fee. I don't know if Gcash will maintain that kind of image they might just do that attract customers and then after that they're going to charge or increase fees. Let's just hope they won't change their policy.
(01-30-2018, 08:04 AM)gamingadict Wrote: I use paymaya but i also use gcash for benfits like free load when you refer a friend so i use gcash to hsve a free load and i laso use paymaya to verify my paypal account so the two are both useful to me and have a good characteritics when you have 
Is it true that you need to pay about 5$ in first withdraw from paypal to paymaya? What if I only withdraw to paymaya about 5$ only? So that means I will not getting any withdraw because of the fee?

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