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Buying An Engagement Ring From A Pawn Shop?
One of the many things that pawn shops do is sell high quality, high value, pre-owned jewelry. This can mean anything from necklaces, tennis bracelets and yes, engagement rings.
But is buying an engagement ring from a pawn shop a bad idea? There’s a lot of people that think that if you do, it will spell bad luck for your marriage.
The truth of the matter is that it is not ‘Bad luck’ to buy a pre-owned engagement ring. It’s not as if luck magically travels inside of gold in some kind of mythical way.
Well, if your partner is not choosy about buying a second-hand ring it's not a bad idea at all especially if you got high quality of rings for a lower price. I think bad luck always happens in our lives we can't control everything but we don't have to blame bad luck on a thing it has nothing to do with it. It's up to us if we're going to believe it or not. Luck is always in our hands it depends on how we're going to chase it if bad luck happens maybe because we've done something wrong in our actions just connect the dot.
I think being practical in such a way is not a bad thing. If I come across a beautiful engagement ring inside a pawn shop I will buy it. Whether it's brand new or not, it is still a diamond ring and it will always be valuable.

And about the bad luck thing, i've heard stories about couple ending their marriage because of a cursed ring I do not really believe it actually and I don't believe in superstition. Because everything that happens today is the result of your doings in the past.
No. You shouldn't do that. Just saved money to buy a new one instead of buying something that is once owned by others. It might also bring bad luck to your marriage life. If you are on a tight budget, just look for a cheaper wedding ring which has a cheap materials like plated gold or silver. There's a lot in the market. Don't compromise your wedding with a second hand stuff just because you are on a tight budget. Better not to get married yet instead.
There is nothing wrong of buying from a pawnshop but if it is a engagement ring i would rather buy from a store to make sure its brand new and the quality and the pureness of the ring still there. On the first place its the most valuable thing that you will give to your especial someone so make the most of it. For me, its not a good idea to buy engagement ring in a pawnshop.

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