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Avoid making use of debit card at lonely ATM stations
(02-02-2018, 04:18 AM)Martinsx Wrote:
(01-31-2018, 06:10 AM)kaisantos2229 Wrote:
(01-31-2018, 04:49 AM)Martinsx Wrote: This is coming out as a piece of advice to all debit card users who frequent the ATM to make withdrawal every now and then. There has been an increased incidents where people who goes to ATM centers that awfully lonely with people hardly waking by are getting robbed at gun point, and are forced to make withdrawal on behalf of the gun men.

This morning I woke up to the news of what happened last night along one ATM stand in my neighborhood and it was so horrible the victim lost to these street thugs. Once it's a little dark and lonely, please keep your debit card in your purse or wallet and head straight home for security reasons and safety of your cash.

That's awful, I hope people would stop doing such cruel things to others. Since this criminals wait for their victims at dark and lonely places where ATM machine is located, then I think people should avoid going to places where most of the danger happens. And I also think you should always have to bring extra cash on your wallet so that if ever you are short in money, you can avoid going out late outside to withdraw on the ATM machine.

Criminals are always going to be criminals and it's how one disposes himself or herself to falling prey for them is what kills us. It's late and dark, or too early and lonely in the early morning, so it's of utmost importance to avoid getting the feeling to make a quick withdrawal because you can never be sure where they are hiding in wait for you to get near the ATM. There was a time such crime MO (modus operandi) increased much here and a serious media campaign was carried out to sensitize people from falling victim to these hooligans.

Yes that's what I also believe, criminals will always be criminals but even in my beliefs, I don't deny their right to change.
I avoid "Future travels"
Book your travel with a debit card, and "they debit it immediately," says Foley. So if you're buying travel that you won't use for six months or making a reservation for a few weeks from now, you'll be out the money immediately. Booking on credit allows you to pay off the balance over time, if necessary, for an expensive trip.

Another factor that bothers Foley: Hotels aren't immune to hackers and data breaches, and several name-brand establishments have suffered the problem recently. Do you want your debit card information "to sit in a system for four months, waiting for you to arrive?" she asks. "I would not.

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