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Is it really necessary to have credit cards?
I remembered my professor giving us advice that we shouldn't get a credit card because we'll just be getting in trouble. He said having a credit card will put you in a bad situation. The credit rates are too high so if we have cash just pay it in cash instead of swiping a credit card. My friend of mine got in trouble because she uses her credit card a lot to a point that she couldn't pay her bill anymore. We often tell her that she needs to be careful using her credit card and be responsible enough handling it. But she couldn't help it she still shops a lot using her credit card. We even try to convince her to just cut it off her credit card because she seems addictive using it but she refused she said she needs it more than anything. 

I know that credit card is very useful nowadays only if you're responsible using it. But is it really necessary to have credit cards?
Let my experience speak for the answer.

Having a credit card is not a bad thing though once abused it gets worst. I should say that there's nothing wrong of having credit cards, just to make sure in our self that we have to take full control upon using it. I must say we should know the ''responsible buying'', responsible buying means that you will buy things and stuff base on your needs and not in your wants. This is a big moral lesson to me. Having a credit card will experience yourself in a lifestyle, a lifestyle that you've never been experience before. Yes its true, If you have credit cards today and you want to buy something, you can easily buy it unlike before you cannot. You have to make extra savings for you to buy extra stuff especially if that's not included in your budget. You might also loose control of your budget, overlooked your expenses and unnoticed that your expenses is bigger that your income which happened to me. When that situation crashed you will loose control and might get you to the point that you will lend some money to someone just to pay your credit card debt because you don't want to charged interest. And the money that you borrowed still have an interest then again and again, it repeats especially if your income is not enough. So, i don't want you to experience my past. All what I'm saying is, if you have a credit card you have to discipline yourself or do the responsible buying. Hope you get lesson from my experience.
I don't think having a credit card is a necessity for everyone, but it does offer more advantages than disadvantages for those who know how to handle credit. Having a credit card can help one build a good credit history. It provides a good backup in case of financial emergencies. They may not replace the need for having an emergency fund or savings on stand-by, but in dire circumstances when you can't allow your personal funds to be exhausted, credit cards can help bridge the gap.

If you can pay your bill amount in full every billing cycle, you needn't worry about interest charges at all. You can also request for annual fee waiver. Most cards offer rewards for usage and have tie ups with hotels or booking companies that will allow you to take vacations at incredibly discounted prices.

Credit cards aren't just for paying off shopping bills. They can be a source of funds for a business opportunity that can't wait. Credit card companies do offer low interest cash loans to cardholders of good standing.

I have an offline business that was funded out of a two-year installment loan from a credit card provider and after paying it off out of the proceeds from the business, I'm now enjoying its profits. It may not be the same story for everyone else who did the same, but the fact that it made funds available to me at the opportune time made all the difference.
I believe that there is nothing wrong with having credit cards, it all bothers down to how you can manage using the credit cards. Is it going to put you debt faster or will it make you more spendthrift? All I can say is that before going for a credit card, it's definitely important to learn self control and plan how to use the funds available for you. 

Some people are fond of being extravagant because they have credit card, so they spend as they see fit without knowing there are consequences for every action taken by anyone in this life. Credit cards are good if you know to keep cool and be in control with spending. It offers convenience for the user because it's going to save you lots of financial troubles.
IT is not really a good Idea to use credit card on spending such as grocery items or our everyday needs, why? because of INTERESTS. I dont see a point of using a credit card for everyday use where in fact there are a lot of scammers that might hack your credit card and spend it.

I am not really against credit cards but as much as possible don use it specially if you are saving money .
The necessity of Credit Cards depends on the person who is going to use it. if you are just a student without any side job or any source of income or short term plan on having a business venture, then a credit card is really not necessary for you, because a credit card holders need a stable source of income to pay for monthly bills. Now if you are a business man or an entrepreneur who is starting a small venture, you need it! I say this because, credit cards are basically loans that we get from the bank. They are onerous, yes, but there are a lot of perks and advantages that you can get when you have a credit card. Say for example, when you are an employee who is earning minimum wage, yes you can somehow get by without a credit card but capital expenditures (such as buying a new set of TV, Phone & etc) will be quite difficult since you will have to save for it. I myself am not a good saver since whenever I try to save up, I just find it so hard to get into finish line because some things come up..i have to pay for this, I have to pay for that & etc. which leads me nowhere near my capital expenditure plans. Whereas, if you have a credit card, you can buy the things that you really need now without the hassle of having to file a short term loan in the bank that might even get rejected.. Also, there is a kind of security that credit cards can provide, and that is the feeling that you have security from any unexpected and urgent expenditures that might arise. You see there are a lot of debates going on about these subject, but one thing is for sure..discipline and self control really is needed in everything, and the use of credit cards is not an exception to this.
The problem with credit cards is that a lot of people don't have the self-control to use them responsibly, and that is why so many people warn against them. Personally I have a card with zero fees other than interest, which I use in emergencies and at hotels when they want a card on file for security. For everything else I use my debit card and pay with money I already have. If you don't have good impulse control, though, it's easy to think of the credit card as free money.
In every situation there advantages and disadvantages. First, I will discuss the disadvantages of having a credit . For me the biggest disadvantage is, it encourage or tolerates people to spend money even though they don't have. Sometimes we are not aware that in our pespective credit card is a free money. Also, high interest rates and increasing of debts. There are times that we can not predict things because sometimes we can't pay at the end of each month. Risk of credits card fraud through stealing its number or stealed physically. But still in the end it is always depends to the person who owns it how he/she wisely responsible on handling it. While the advantages of having a credit card is making our lives easier. Specifically if we don't want to bring a huge amount of money. It also helps everytime there's an emergency and we don't have enough budget for it. Lastly, through credits card can also have benefits like discounts or bonuses.
Actually it is highly important !, I just can confirm that to you ! . i mean i can feel the pain of not having one, thats the reason behind my answer . As a Sudanese civilian i am forbidden from this bless , the bless of buying stuff from the Internet. America has put a ban on Sudan considering it on its black list as a country that supports terror !, and whether the previous statement is true or not we are affected by it !. I don't have the simple right of buying stuff from the web page that faces me because i don't have a simple credit card , while others can !. This is painful to innocent Sudanese people like me. Regardless the dept and interest rates stuff, Credit cards are essential to get digital products : (E-books,Video games,Online courses,Daily products..etc). I am viewing this from the point of virtual world only..i didn't even mention the benefits that combines having a Credit card as a quick easy payment method and time saver.
The service of having a credit card can be improved by lowering the interest rate to encourage people to use, just think of people like me who don't even have the opportunity to use one !.
(01-01-2018, 01:51 PM)mharjoe Wrote: IT is not really a good Idea to use credit card on spending such as grocery items or our everyday needs, why? because of INTERESTS. I dont see a point of using a credit card for everyday use where in fact there are a lot of scammers that might hack your credit card and spend it.

I am not really against credit cards but as much as possible don use it specially if you are saving money .

@mharjoe I believe that this is the reason why some countries aren't not afforded the benefits of using credit cards because of increased activities of scammers and fraudulent fellows who would stop at nothing until they steal and duped people using credit cards.

Nigeria is known for its intensified scam activities which is why even PayPal doesn't have any affiliations with any banks over here. I made inquiries about the reason why PayPal isn't functional here, and I was made aware it's as a result of fraudulent activities going on here.

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