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It's 2018. Time to review your credit reports
Some more tips to keep you credit score good:

- Don't open too many new accounts as it will lower your average account age. This can have a bigger effect on your scores if you don't have a lot of other credit information.

- Don't use more than 30 percent of you available credit. Credit bureaus check for this and if say your credit limit was $6000, you wouldn't want to owe more than $2000, to start seeing your score improve.

- If you have a good score and want to improve it even more, ask the credit card company to increase your limit. This will make your score better. Obviously that won't work if you already have a bad score as no one at the credit card company will listen to you.
(01-05-2018, 01:48 AM)marblank1313 Wrote: Yes i do, from time to time. Me and my partner always make sure to track are finances on a different level. It is very important to us and fortunately, we do enjoy doing it.

It's always a healthy habit for one to always keep track of how his funds are spent in order to put a tail the moment there is a scam going on with ones financial set up. I always get statement of all my accounts on monthly basis, except one of my accounts I don't make withdrawals on. I set up the account solely for savings.
It's 2018 indeed. Compliments of the season to everyone.

Checking your credit reports is a vital thing to do every now and then just to make sure everything is on track. I like the tips and points on the article. They are surely good ways of handling your credits in a way that doean't lead to any future financial mishap.
Well I have to be honest I dont really do keep track of my credit reports, only from time to time.
And when I do actually look at them I hope for the best.
I know that it's not good that I do that, with all the hackers and all the bad stuff that is going on in the world, I can easily get scammed or get hacked.
And after that happens I will regret it for the rest of my life.
But to answer your question Michael, I do not regularly look at my credit report, but I really should change what i'm doing.
I hope you are looking at your's regularly my friend.
Everybody should keep track of their credits. Just in case something went wrong you can immediately make a dispute of it. It should be a thing that we need be concern of.Once you are on track with your credits you when to improve.
Yeah, you should always track your usage of your credit card. Maybe sometimes we purchase something and we forgot about it. The managing of your budget will be affected. In worst case you might come into a time that you cannot pay the balance and the interest became more bigger and bigger.

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