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0% interest installment terms
During the holiday season, there's a lot of home appliances are in promo. You can avail it for installment terms with 0% interest rate. Is it good to avail this promo?
Noticed that. But what stole my attention was the price. If you calculate the price and compare it to the srp or from others who also offers installment payment most of them are more expensive. That could be mean that they only say it was a zero interest but the truth is they already added it in their actual price to deceive their potential customer.
It depends on the retailer - just like Heart pointed out some retailers overprice their product while at the same time they advertise them as "Hire-purchase with zero interest". It's an old trick especially during the holiday season. My advice is to do research and compare prices at different merchants.
As the others said, always compare the price with the pay-up-front cost at various stores.
On top of that, if you do find it works out to be a good deal, don't buy them just for the sake of it.
If you need a new oven and there's a good deal on ovens, go for it. Don't go "ooh these ovens are cheap, I'll take four!"
Yes, because you can pay it on its original price. Its better than other product that has installment or interest
Banks are into business and are usually using price strategy for their benefits, announcing with 0% interest paying credit card for 12 months but the truth is they have marked up lucratively, though not all cases are like this. As a consumer, one must take due diligence on things he/she bought. If you think that the prices offered are way from the SRP then don't go for it. Always check first the SRP of competitor's store and see if it's a good deal for you.
I think it is OK, but you really need to read the fine print about those sorts of things and make sure that you are not paying more than you would if you just paid for the item upfront.
It is okay that is 0% installment its a great promo because some of the installment now days have a high rate. It is the paid work of their employee when they install .example they install your router in your house it have an installment rate it can't avoid when you purchase that thing.
Some appliance stores have tie ups with credit cards that allow them to offer 0% installment. It is usually true for specific appliances or brands but typically not store-wide. In any case, it's always best to compare store prices before concluding that a 0% installment offer by a store is the best one.

It's important, however, to ask yourself if you actually need the item and if you can really afford to pay for it without compromising your quality of life. It's not always a smart financial decision to buy high ticket items just because they are on 0% installment terms.
Yes it is, since it has a zero percent interest installment means it's less money to pay.

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