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0% interest installment terms
Do they really offer zero interest?
This is the sort of zero interest that got its price going higher. I would advise that you ignore such offers and go for products that have got moderate prices for this kind of products always have high price tags at the end.
Sorry but I don't believe in 0% interest terms especially if the appliances are brand new and have no damage. They just say it to attract more customers. I think I've read on social media circulating the news that they have been tricked because the promo price is much more higher than the original price. So be aware of the promos because not all of them are true. Much better if you go to the other stores and compare the price or you can browse the internet search for the original price.
Most zero percent interest offers are made just to trick potential customers. Who would not want a zero interest, anyway?? Its part of their marketing strategy. Whenever I see offers like that I often check the price online for comparison, but they are just mostly 20% more expensive. They already added their interest on the actual price just to make the zero percent interest look legit.
0% interest or same as cash deals on appliances have the interest built into the price of the appliance. Furniture stores do this a lot. For example, right now has a deal where you pay no interest until January 2021 on any furniture you buy now.
I purchase my laptop using this 0% installment terms. For me I know it is not totally 0% interest because I already compute the total payment I will made in 12 months compare when I buy it in full payment. The Total of those two are different. When I buy my laptop in full payment the total cost of the product will lessen by 3%. So the 0% interest is not that much good to save bucks but somehow using this type of payment will lessen the pressure of using money at that period of time.
Some appliance centers has their own strategy of promoting the 0% interest. Whenever my parents are looking for appliances, they compare the actual price with the other store's price. In that way, they will know which appliance costs less. Better have options first before buying. Once you are so sure of it, then buy it. Sometimes, I also prefer comparing it to online shops such as Lazada or Amazon. Lazada here in the Philippines has its flash sale whenever Christmas is getting nearer. But the down side here is it only flashes for a few minutes then gone.

Lastly, if you want to buy it, be sure you afford it, and once you buy it, don't regret anymore. Try using the "needs" versus "wants", I am sure it can help you.
Yes. It is good to avail these kinds of promo. Aside from it is on sale, no interest will be added and you can save the more money if you avail such promos.
Some loans are zero interest, but generally this is just done for a promotional time period for six months or one year, not for the length of the loan. In some cases, it can be a come on because after the promotion rates might be higher than if you had taken a traditional loan to begin with.
(01-06-2018, 11:55 AM)Heart Wrote: Noticed that. But what stole my attention was the price. If you calculate the price and compare it to the srp or from others who also offers installment payment most of them are more expensive. That could be mean that they only say it was a zero interest but the truth is they already added it in their actual price to deceive their potential customer.

Yes. I noticed it too. But just on some products or brands. The best way to that is before holiday season, Do a window shopping and jot down the prices of the items that you are planning to buy. You can compare it when the holiday comes.

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