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Rewards points on credit cards
Yes, if you are careful with your purchases and don't over extend yourself on the cards you can do very well accumulating points and cash them in for somehing really good. I am gettingn points on the card I have now..but I haven't spent much on there so I don't think they are amounting to too much at this time.
This is the reason why I'm so eager to own a Credit card. I want to take advantage of earning rewards points which is good as cash while spending on my groceries and other stuffs.
Yes, points are one of the great things about using a credit card in my opinion. You can even get points on PayPal cards though if you sign up for them so this is an option for those who are considering using them. Points can be invauable at times when you want to buy something, it can take a lot of the purchase price off.
There are some credit cards that offer reward points. And those reward points can then be redeemed for gift cards, cash, or even travel. The cash reward can help reduce your credit card balance. Travel rewards can help you earn free trips for yourself and your loved ones. But it is mandatory to know that credit cards with reward points have high-interest rates. They often have a pre-requisite like, you need to spend a certain amount of money before availing reward points. So, if you're always chasing for points and bonuses, you could stack up a credit card balance you won't be able to pay.
The reward points in the credit have a zero fees and have a no interest rate its beneficial to anyone that have a credit card. Some credit card points have to convert into money or foods its helpful to by having a free food at all , some of credit cards offer a hotel or a car for rent its good when emergency situations.
(01-09-2018, 07:06 AM)Martinsx Wrote:
(01-09-2018, 06:59 AM)mharzenas Wrote: This is one of the benefits of owning a credit card. About points. I really love these thing about credit card where I can earn points. Points that can convert into something useful they offer. Like last Saturday, i redeem 2 boxes of pizzas using my reward point in my credit card. As i spend through my credit card, the more points i have. And plus purchasing using credit card makes my shopping a little bit hard in term of bringing money. You can bring only a single card instead of bringing a lot of money.

This is part of the reason why even with the risk of debts and so on about owning a credit card, you would definitely see people going for it more, because they are not going to give up enjoying the side benefits that comes with the cards ownership. Personally, I would allow my points to get to a point where I would purchase something more valuable with the points, say for instance a hotel service payment or a flight.

Yes, Pointing system in a credit card are the best benefit in having one. It is like you save a little amount of money from each item you purchase. A savings points that you can convert to a bigger products.
Wow your friend is truly amazing and probably cool. My mom use to tell this story with us that she always use the rewards points for shopping other groceries and taking advantage of it as well. Like I don't if it's actually the truth or not. Anyways taking advantage of the reward points seems a nature of being a credit user or a hobby for them, like without using reward points seems your life wouldn't be complete at all.
(01-07-2018, 06:15 PM)kgord Wrote: Do you take advantage of rewards points on credit cards? I don't have a card now that offers that, but I have had some in the past. My friend used to get airline miles on his card. He took 3 of us to Alaska one time just from the points on his card..That was pretty awesome!

That was pretty awesome!. I wonder If I can ever use my points in my credit card for travel purposes. Recently I just buy 2 boxes of pizza from my credit card points. After reading your experience I think I will save more points and try to get one of travel rewards .
I have a friend that has a card that has incentives/rewards points. He maximizes those incentives, he gets free trips to different countries, free gadgets, free groceries and stuff. He's a businessman so he uses his card a lot. I think that's the difference between my friend and I. He gets to use his card often.
(01-08-2018, 10:44 PM)Jral14 Wrote: There are credit cards that has reward points just like the 7-11 Cliqq card (available here in the Philippines). Just take note that you don't need to focus more on the rewards. It is just one of the benefits of having a credit card. Since you chose and trusted their services, then they do reward people those who shows their loyalty.

Can you explain furthermore about these stuffs?. I am really interested on what you say. What are the things I can to with that 7-11 cliqq card?.

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