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Can someone go to jail for not paying their credit cards debts?
This is a very funny question/topic, but also sensitive i must say.

Can a person be jailed for defaulting credit card payments?

The simple answer is yes. Why? Check the credit laws of both the financial service providers and governing laws of the region. I think they'll both give a clear and better explained answer than i can say here.
Not sure how this is a funny question. Either way, I think in most places they would sooner resort to confiscating personal belongings and property, but (potentially) being left homeless is not much better than doing jail time.
(01-24-2018, 05:43 AM)mharzenas Wrote: I think you will not get jailed because you didn't pay the credit card. But one thing I know is you will destroy your name in any banks in your country. They say that the other banks are giving warning to other banks that you didn't pay in you last bank credits.

That's exactly the repercussions of not having your credit card debt cleared up and promptly. It would only render you credit unworthy which makes it impossible for you to get access to funds easily. Banks and other financial institutions are always going to find it very difficult to grant you fund on applications. This is very bad way to live one's life, so it's better to avoid getting into such financial mess because it's very downgrading.
Can someone really go to jail for not paying their credit cards debts or it depends on a country if they have a law for not paying debts?

Yes its really possible because its a crime that you can't pay for your debts but its always have a proper talk to the jidge and have an testament that yoy will pay your debt in the right date if you don't pay on that time you will be punish and you will go to jail but the judge cannot order to jail you if there's no proof or enough evidence to see.
(01-08-2018, 02:05 AM)kimberleemolon Wrote: I think it's depend on your country. There is different law on every country. In my country I think there is no one go to jail for not paying their credit card debt.
Many people here are getting greedy like what you said. They just swipe their credit card and didn't pay for what they've purchased. There's also some case in some Telecommunication plans which include a handset that other people just getting the handset and after they got the phone, they will not pay the plan anymore and they didn't go to jail by doing so.

In my country the people with unpaid bills are not getting into jail because of that reason. I think the punishment only is the bank claim properties from the owner and they blocked his/her name so he/she can get another loans from the bank. Is your country do the same?
You cannot go to jail but you will have to face tons of civil cases that will be filed against you. It's almost likely that you're not in jail but imprisoned with these problems that'll hunt you. It is highly unlikely you'll go to jail but the consequences of ignoring responsibilities are there.
It depends on the contract you've have been sign, will there are some cases and I heard it on a news that theres lot of people go to jail because of their debts.

It depends on the contract and it depends in your country not all country agreeing this but in my country yes you will go to jail if didn't pay your debts or you run for your debts.
Yes, there's a possibility to be in jail if the amount is more than two hundred thousand and have gone to litigation process. Aside from that, it could harm your personal records as you'll be ineligible for any visas or to travel abroad. Though countries have different laws in this issue, it depends how it works in their countries. So it's better to settle down balances especially big amounts in the risk management department of the company to avoid inconvenience in the future.
Here in my country no one ever got jailed because he didn't pay his/her credit card bills. And I believe no one should be jailed because of it. Everyone of us sometimes experience the time we actually lose all of our money because of different reasons and get unable to pay credits. And because of it you will get jailed? IT a big NO for me
 I highly doubt whether someone can enter the coolers due his or her credit card debts. The reason for this is that debtors prisons have been illegal in the United States since the mid-1800s. The money is also used for sensible things like paying medical bills and electricity so it isn't possible to charge someone for such activities.

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