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Can someone go to jail for not paying their credit cards debts?
(01-08-2018, 02:03 AM)kaisantos2229 Wrote: My friend didn't pay her credit card bill for more than 10 years now and she still not in jail. As what iv'e known credit cards are insured so when every time a credit card holder won't pay his or her credit card bill the bank will only send her letter of notice and that's about it. But here's the negative side of not paying your credit bill, you will be most likely be ban for applying a new credit card and your other bank accounts will be track down specially when your other bank is connected with the bank which you have owed money because that's what happen to my friend.

This is what I am scared for. You get banned to apply a anew credit card especially when the time you really need to have one credit card for emergency purposes.
It depends on the contract you've sign, here in the Philippine lot of people go to jail because of their debts.

So be careful about loaning you can go to jail for it.
As far as I know, you cannot be put to jail for not paying your credit card. They might threaten you and settle conditions to pay for your credit, and you might believe them, but it does not hide the fact that they cannot put you on bars.
In fact, the only way you could really go to jail for racking up credit card debt is if you used someone else's identity to do it. That's called credit fraud. ... But they can't have you arrested, throw you in jail or even issue a warrant because you didn't pay a bill.
No. But the bank will bother you asking you to pay your debts to them. Aside from that, you will get a bad credit record on your name. The next time you will apply for a loan in different banks, you'll be having a hard time but probably they would still declined your loan application. It's better not to have debts when you don't have the capability to pay. Keep that in mind.
Not paying credit card debts is not a big deal or lead you to jail, this only happens when you continue using that credit card to acquire other things even with the debts.
That's what makes this such a tempting threat for collectors to use because it puts the fear of prison in people and gets them to pay. That's illegal by the way, according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Collectors can't threaten you with jail time because failure to pay a credit card debt.
(01-08-2018, 02:05 AM)kimberleemolon Wrote: I think it's depend on your country. There is different law on every country. In my country I think there is no one go to jail for not paying their credit card debt.
Many people here are getting greedy like what you said. They just swipe their credit card and didn't pay for what they've purchased. There's also some case in some Telecommunication plans which include a handset that other people just getting the handset and after they got the phone, they will not pay the plan anymore and they didn't go to jail by doing so.

Do you know any country that are very strict in this policy where they can get into jail if they didnt pay their bills? I would like to research for that country and look at the reaction of the citizen living there.
(01-27-2018, 08:50 PM)Uyj143 Wrote: It depends on the contract you've sign, here in the Philippine lot of people go to jail because of their debts.

So be careful about loaning you can go to jail for it.

Are you sure about this? Because I also live in the Philippines and I haven't heard someone got jailed for not paying debts on a credit card.
According to law: source:
Article III (Bill of rights), Section 20 of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines provided that "no person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax". However, the creditor may, depending on the circumstances, avail of the other remedies against the debtor such as filing of a civil case for collection of sum of money.

Therefore, it's clearly stated that no one has been jailed in the Philippines for not paying their debts but they can file a case to collect a sum of money.
Debtors’ prisons are a thing of the past. Usually, you cannot go to jail just because you don’t pay your debts or bills. However, there are a few situations when you might face jail time in connection with a debt.

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