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Is it safe to take a signature loan?
As long as you're lending from a legitimate source, it's as safe as any other type of loan. As others have said, look at the contract details and decide whether it's safe/worth it yourself since we don't know why you are even interested.
Any loan you make will always need your signature. Maybe what you should be more aware of is the company you want to apply a loan. Because once you put your signature on a wrong document that's where you are going to have issues. So before getting a loan make sure the company where you want to apply a loan is legit and have good offers.
Just first make sure the legitimacy of the company where you will get a loan. Also, always make sure that it is credible and many have already experienced applying or getting a loan from them.
It's safe if you are aware on what is written on the contract before you sign it. If the contract contains legal terms and you don't understand it, maybe you should bring someone with you who knows more about it just to be safe.

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