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What's the exact difference between credit card and debit card?
Credit cards are compounded with interest rates unlike debit cards. Once you swipe a credit card it will have additional amount on top of your bill and it will varies depending on the transaction you may have. Debit card is just only a common ATM card wherein it stores your money. Whenever you use a debit card it will not accumulates any interest but it will decrease the amount inside your account. I do recommend debit card rather than credit card.
Credit card as like you loan money to pay stuffs. Means you purchase anything even you don't have enough money. While the debit card are like a savings where you can buy stuff within you balance in your debit card.
Credit cards allow you to borrow money in small amounts which can then be used for making purchases. Debit cards, on the other hand, draw money directly from your bank account when you make purchases.

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