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Does Bank Merging Affect Its Loaning Services
(01-20-2018, 05:49 PM)Henrywrites Wrote: There are certain things that come into discussion when two banks are on the verge of merging and one of them is the list of those that will head the board of the bank. Another thing is policies that will bring better life to the bank and that is where I think that the decision that will work better for those banks are made. It is there the new polices that will guide them will be discussed. So, I think the loan policy will be adjusted as well.

Definitely that two cooperate legal limited entity are coming together to form a new body, it's expected to have a huge change on lots of things on how the new company is to be run by new personnel and management. As for the company's policies, they are bound to be affected as well, but the question now is that those with an already established business dealings with either of the companies before the merge, is the deal going to be affected or influenced by the new polices made by the new face of the company?

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